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August 12, 2009


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One of the first stories I ever wrote for LENNDEVOURS was about Ravines (and also my first print article). Morten's abilities and insticts continue to impress and I'm always looking forward to the winery's new releases.

I might needle you a bit, Lenn, about the "not every year" comment. I think it depends what you mean. Can you always get such intense fruit every year? Of course not. Can a master winemaker make a consistently good blend almost any year? I think the answer to that is yes, although it's a limited group. Many wineries do drop the ball on their reds in a cooler vintage.

It's a distinction I've been thinking about for awhile now. What really counts in defining a region--a select few, or the aggregate?

Excellent review, Lenn. Here's a question I've been pondering, and perhaps it'll find its own post eventually:

The Ravines '07 Meritage will likely retail for the same price as the '06 and the '05. Should it? Morten often talks about the idea that wine should be different from year to year -- that should be celebrated and explored. And yet, I don't think it means that wine will be the same quality from year to year.

But if a winery charges more in an outstanding vintage, is it a signal to consumers to stop buying other vintages? That's a big risk, I suppose.

In years like 07 maybe wineries should make more "reserve" wines, declaring them age worthy and setting a higher price point for them.

Leave the varietal wines the same year to year.

Wonderful review Lenn. Exposing our customers and our sales reps to the potential of the Finger Lakes has been good fun indeed. I have had the opportunity to taste some of Morten's wines with some of my French producers and it is great to see them declare that Morten's Riesling is what Alsace was...25 years ago!

Great work Morten and Lisa and thanks to the retailers and restaurant staff willing to take the time to tell Ravine's story.

Winebow - distributor for Ravines

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