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August 20, 2009


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Bryan - Cool stuff. Is there a general rule with home-made wines when it comes to RS and ABV? As in, are most carrying lower ABVs and higher RSs?

This sound pretty funky, actually. It must be enjoyable to encounter strange fermented materials (maple syrup?!?!) and discover a few rough gems approaching real quality.

This kind of fun is what wine should be about!

I should have entered my strawberry wine! It's at least bronze quality...

wine is like holy water

It was fun, but grueling at the same time.

You'd think that but some of the best native wines have been by amateurs because they don't have to sweeten em and market them to masses. So I did find several dry wines that would usually be sweet.

As for ABV, plenty of them chaptalize (add sugar) with results that border on "rocket fuel" so that's not a constant either.

I did feel that there were a couple that flirted with gem status. That kind of encouragement is priceless to the participants.

I'm sure your strawberry wine would be worthy of something, lol. The fruit wine category is pretty competitive. Many of these guys and gals have been doing this for a while and grow their own fruit.

Save your wines for next year and if we don't open it up to the rest of the state, or Ontario for that matter (international baby!) we'll throw them in as ringers.

My 08 blend ringer got notes of "ranch dressing" and "interesting". lol

Tom...I greatly preferred the dry version you brought to the Tweetup to the sweeter one.

And they were both on par with any other strawberry wine I've ever had. Better than many!

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