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August 17, 2009


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S.A. Prum instead of J.J. Prum. Small detail but you want to attribute the right wine to the right side of the family. The sweetness adds weight and longevity, the muscle to the acidic backbone. The owner of S.A. Prum was in the Finger Lakes last Fall. New York is starting to blip on the radar screen of top Riesling regions worldwide.

The Schuster Blaufrankisch sounds interesting.. but I'd trust it would take fewer attempts for consumers to type "Lemberger" correctly into Google than "Blaufrankisch" to learn more about the wine.

I love Feather, one of a handful of Long Shadows wines. Great concept and advertisement for WA. Grow some of the world's most notable grapes in WA, and bring in the most renowned vintner for each varietal to make a WA wine. Having Napa Valley vintner, Randy Dunn create this Feather cabernet is a great example. However my favorite must be Long Shadows Pedestal, a bourdeaux inspired blend from WA by Michel Rolland.

Thanks for stressing how increasingly important BALANCE is in "big" wines like Zins. Lately, a lot of wines have been writing checks with their alcohol levels that their body-style and structure can't cash.

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