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August 24, 2009


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Where are you staying in Provence? We nearly went this year; we're heading to France next year. A good friend lives in Montpelier so it's tempting to hit the southern part of the country.


Temp should make a difference. A friend brought that exact wine over earlier this year. It's new-world to the max, but a very round, pure chocolate style. It tasted to me like Whoppers candy.

Evan -- we're staying in Le Castellet, about an hour from Marseille. Can't wait! Where are you going next year ? Also, looks like you and I had similar inspirations for our photos this week...

For now, looks like Loire (we also have a great offer to hang with our friends from Paris). But we'll know a lot more after a brainstorming, winestorming session this weekend.

And is there any better way to frame a bottle of wine than with a dock, adirondack chair, or some other wooden outdoor feature?

I mentioned the temperature because I'm sure it made a difference (visiting a relative on a hot day, in a hot old house), although I don't think I'd ever love the style.

To answer your question, I think wine bottles look great framed with naked bodies, but no matter how much I beg, Lenn wants to keep this site family-friendly...( ;

Oh boy, Jason... I actually think there's already a blog for that. Something about wine and jugs...


If there isn't such a site, you may have just hit a goldmine!

With such a premise, I might be a blogging millionaire soon. Wish me luck. I'll share royalties.

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