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September 07, 2009


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Lenn - You've spiked my appetite... As you'll recall, the Peconic Bay Merlot that you brought in our initial exchange was a show-stopper for me.

I do remember...you're the reason I only have one bottle left! ;)

I also have a bottle of the 2001 Milestone in my cellar I think. May need to revisit that one.

Lenn - Considering I can't figure out how and when we got our bottle, I'll ask... why do you have a bottle of Milestone? But let me simply advise you to open it now. It's main flaw is a touch of dustiness that cuts off the finish just a bit. But it's very enjoyable.

Evan, mine is the second of two samples Doug Miles sent me quite a while ago. I'm trying to find my tasting notes, which will be found in one of 4 or 5 notebooks, tonight!

Incidentally, Nena (especially) and I find that dusty note in a lot of Finger Lakes francs. Do you notice it regularly.

On occasion that dusty finish shows up. It's not a deal-breaker unless it's over the top. In this case, it simply takes just a bit of smoothness and length off the finish, but the wine remains very pretty on night two.

The reserve wine list at the NY Wine & Culinary Center (available to restaurant guests and private groups) has the 2001 Peconic Bay Merlot and the 2002 Milestone on it. Not exactly what you are writing about here, but close. And a reminder that a pretty prestigious NY wine collection is being built in Canandaigua. We're always looking for wine drinkers who are worthy of it, and you two are welcome any time!

Shannon - Your list is a nice reminder that when you find a good bottle, it's worth laying it down for a little while. Are you building more of a collection of older wines? Very cool to hear about the two wines you mentioned.

How did I miss the Peconic Bay Merlot. Better race back to LI.

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