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October 26, 2009


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Thank you for this post -- it will be interesting to try these wines when they are released.

It occurs to me that there is a unique opportunity this year to collect some valuable data on the mesoclimates of the Finger Lakes. While it would be terrific to have Sanborn fly the lakes with their multi-spectral imaging camera this week, it's unlikely we will see Cornell or the Grape Foundation come up with the funding on such short notice to accomplish this.

I've been thinking of quick and easy ways I (or we) might capture some of the ground truth in a low tech, grass roots effort.

1. Fly the vineyard areas with a light aircraft and take digital pictures or a movie of the foliage below.

2. "War Drive" around with a laptop loaded with topo or ortho pictures of the vineyard areas and create waypoints that outline the areas that survived the frost. USAPhotomaps comes to mind as a good (and free) program for doing this.

If we could get ten or twelve people to do this in selected areas, we might be able to make credible maps of Keuka, Seneca, and Cayuga that would increase the knowledge of the air currents and heat balance surrounding the lakes.

Anyone have a 172 available for the effort?

John, that is an outstanding idea. If I were up in that neck of the woods I'd help you rally the troops...have you contacted anyone about it?

Yeah, John, let me second that. We want to know if you're able to get any kind of surveying done.

Torched by frost? That's a new one. :)

Tom - You've never heard of freezer burn? Oh snap!

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