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October 23, 2009


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Kevin, despite my affection for IPA, this saison is probably my favorite NY beer of them all. It's my go-to beer for just about every food situation and there isn't much better than some Hennepin on a hot summer day either.

Great beer.

This just might be my favorite NY beer. And Saison is probably my favorite style if I were forced to choose such a thing. I have some cave aged Hennepin in my garage right now. Ommengang lays it down in Howe Cavaverns for a year. Perhaps I will open it if the Yanks can beat the Angels. Here is the question, how come so few brewers brew a saison? And among those that do brew it, how come it so is hard find a good one?

Your Northern California readers might like to know that Costco currently has an Ommegang 3-pack (Hennepin, Rare VOS and Abbey Ale) for the shockingly low price of $10.

Fatemeh! Who knew you were still reading this lil ole blog.

$10 for that 3-pack is a ridiculous price. I hope you have stocked up on said brews.

I'm going back tomorrow to buy some more and sock 'em in the chiller, Lenn.

And really? Of course I still read. I just don't have much to contribute these days, as evidenced by the dearth of new posts on my own blog. :-/

Fatemeh, if I could get them for $10, I'd be stocking my cellar too.

And thanks for reading...hope we get to hang out at some point soon!

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