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October 02, 2009


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I would like to see more vineyard managers/winemakers sporting a falcon on the shoulder at all times.

Wouldn't it be a neat experience if you could have a falconry demonstration to accompany a wine tasting?

I've learned from growing wine grapes for the past few years that netting is the only thing that works completely. When unrolled early enough the nets also have a secondary effect of protecting against Japanese Beetles and hail storms as well. With our (side) nets we keep them up all year round and just roll em up just before we pick...expensive investment, sure, but by far the most rewarding investment.

But it's also fun to walk around with a shotgun for target practice!

Falconry is still widely practiced in the Arab world, from North Africa right through the to Afganistan.

lol you think I can use all my cats for bird control?

Rowland, I think it depends on just how many cats you have ;)

Brendan, sorry I didn't make it over to see you when I was up last week...next time for sure!

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