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October 13, 2009


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Duncan might have been saying, "Hi, I'm Duncan Ross, and this is my daughter Grace, who is about to have her teeth removed with a wet saw." That would have engendered a similar response, it seems. :)

Seriously, nice to see faces and voices with the names. Cool stuff.

I hope that some of my vids will humanize the wines coming being made here. The majority of wineries are family owned farms, and the staff is usually there because they have to be!

There are many diverse personalities here and hopefully I can capture them for the readers here.

I actually made pinot noir from the same vines last year that Duncan is pressing and I'm extremely happy with mine even though it's still in barrel.

I shot this in HD and if you go to the youtube page you can watch it in HQ. Not sure if Lenn can embed the HQ vid code in. Being a cam op by trade, I can't stand blurry streaming video and the HQ makes it tolerable.

ha HA i love this girl!

If there is a way to embed the HD, I can't find it.

If anyone knows how...please let me know LOL.

My mistake, a little patience revealed the HQ option in the vid.

Grace is actually quite helpful and has been my only helper for Merlot and Chardonnay crush this week - 2 very late evenings. Her enthusiasm is her own, as you can see in the video and varies from day to day. My understanding is that about 5 years after our kids get a "real job" in an office cube farm, they will begin to have fond memories of the wine business and they will return if they are interested. Hopefully, I will live long enough to see that day!

nice video dude.

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