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October 26, 2009


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I never thought I would make it to WWD! Never! Always on my Monday lunch read.

That Bedell was great stuff!

Gonna retry the 2007 Malbec and 2007 Cab Sauv tonight.

Nice to see the Bedell - however I think many people would say '93 or even '88 was truly the first great vintage on Long Island - both hot, dry seasons that produced a critical mass of high quality reds.

I recently had a component tasting with Chuck Wagner from Caymus and I asked him what his intent was with these wines and it was exactly what you tasted. He firmly believes this is the "style" and "personality" of Cab from California. I appreciate his honesty...

Rick - Sounds very interesting. And I think he might very well be right. It's the beauty of American terroir; California offers some rich, heavy wines that reflect their place. I dig it, I just can't put down much more than a glass in a sitting. Some nights I certainly can, of course.

We occasionally joke about CA being too oaked or too heavy, or NY being too light or too racy, but just as there is balance in wine, there seems to be balance in American terroir. California is making some diverse but - yes - some heavier wines, and I deeply enjoy exploring the appellations out there.

I can't agree more. The challenge for me as a wine professional has always been to not allow my personal preferences to get in the way of "listening" (I hate the word judging) to what a wine is saying. When I drink Caymus it says - juicy, rich, warm and syrupy with just enough acidity to keep it within reach. Maybe living in a cool climate makes it harder for us to applaud those kind of wines on a personal level. I'm heading over to the "Edible Fingerlakes" folks this evening and guess what I will be bringing? Some 2007 Ravines Cab Franc and a bottle of Gigondas from very limestoney soils...go figure. Great job on the web-site, I read it each day to stay informed on the happenings of the Finger Lakes.

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