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October 06, 2009


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The Clos Roche Blanche was outstanding. It's truly a Rohrschach test wine. For those who say they love funky, earthy wines, they'll be put to the test with this one.

I wish Calandrelli were there to enjoy it!

Jason - That's a big favorite of a wine for me. Very special stuff. The last time I opened one (6 months ago) it was filled with sage. Great observations on how it evolves.

Now that I think about it, there was something of an herbal component that I couldn't quite remember how to describe. There was a lot going on with this wine, which certainly is a great FL red story.

What I drank:
1993 Paumonok Assemblage. We paired it with a sausage and rosemary risotto.
The wine really surprised. It held up really well, had nice fruit, and well integrated earthy notes.
I haven't tasted a lot of wine aged more than 10+ years, but from what I have tasted the following seems pretty clear to me: Well produced LI red wines age much better than like wines from the left-coast. Most of the left-coast wines that I've stored up over the last 10 years were best within a year of release... they didn't have the staying power to remain good (or evolve into something better).
Kudos to Puamonok for this effort!

Dave - What a cool wine to have. If you still have the bottle I'd love to know what the ABV was. Our 1982 was only 12%, which is a nice reminder that it doesn't take 28 brix to make a gorgeous, age-worthy wine. Was the '93 Assemblage bricking in color?

I still have the bottle at home so I can check, but I'm almost positive it was 12.5%.
I was kind of lucky to get this bottle. My father-in-law is moving and he has a decent wine collection (1000 bottles) with some old stuff from all over the world. As he was packing up to move, he discovered this bottle (he doesn't have an inventory) and sent it to me to try.
He was visiting us the other night so I popped it. I figured he should be there when I tried it since he gave it to me.

I forgot to respond on the "bricking". The color had changed a bit, especially apparant when tilted in a glass and held to the light, but at the same time it still had some light purple tint to it after 16 years.

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