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November 10, 2009


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Maybe it's just me, but I find myself bored with non-barreled Chard/Semillion/Sauv Blanc.

A little barrel fermentation is what I am looking for now.

If done the right way, like at Shinn,this is truly a great wine. I would love to see if they can do a small lot of barrel fermented Chardonnay, just once. I am sure they would get it right.

BTW....your WWD is the best!

Tom - New Glarus is awesome. Just had their Yokel the other night. If any brewery in the country can truly be said to make beer for the fans, this is it: they don't distribute outside of the state, as you said, and they don't really conform to style guidelines - they just make the best beer they can every time.

Interesting; we're reaching a point where beer almost outnumbers wine entries for WWD. Beer: no longer contrarian!

I guess we'll all have to start referring to Lenn as General Thompson.

Michael: I don't know if it's just you, but I still prefer the pure flavors of un-oaked whites most of the time. Sure, they can be done well in barrel (obviously) but my general preference is still steel.

It may be me. The last few, steel fermented whites were just, blah. Did not do anything for me. I guess my palate is shifting.

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