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November 03, 2009


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Unfortunately, the NYWGF has decided that they are not interested in partnering with the New York Cork Report on a proposed project leading up to and at this event. It would have been a great way for the state's wine trails and promotional organizations to come together to promote New York State wines in a new way.

Given the way that the NYWGF continues to actively ignore social media and its value, I'm not exactly surprised, but I'm sincerely disappointed in their decision.

The proposal offered a way for people the Internet over to take part in this NYC event and to discuss New York wine.

Maybe we'll just do it here on the site, anyway. Just to show the NYWGF what they missed out on.


I suppose that the great relationship that this website has with many of the key producers of NY wines isn't enough to convince them... Odd.

WTF is wrong with them?????

Dude - You see the problems in PA; sometimes publicly funded operations have trouble coming into the future. Bureaucracy can be a nightmare.

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