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December 03, 2009


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Jason - I'm glad it worked out. Sounds wonderful. There is something special about discovering a wine after it's moved well beyond adolescence and into the wisdom of its full maturity. Care to share what other bottles caught your eye? It's a nice selection there.

Nothing specific comes to mind from my hurried visit except for a sprinkling of Bordeaux first-growths and other such very high-priced items. You can't forget a $2,500 bottle of Petrus!

But, overall the selection was very diverse in terms of prices. The sheer number of 30-40 year-old wines available for less than $150 was impressive, and I think such prices make it possible for those who have not sampled an old wine to give it a shot at least once.

Century's selection was impressive in many ways.

Wish I had a local shop that had such a selection of older stuff.

Happy belated anniversary Jason and Katie.


I imagine that wine shops of this caliber are a bit rare in most places.

So, who exactly gave you permission to publish my year of birth?


Oh my goodness, Jason is so owned. This is the biggest fail of all time for someone attempting to do something nice!

Ooops...nicely done Jason ;)

What an awesome Idea you and your wife have. I think I may adopt this idea for Melissa and I. We celebrated our first anniversary this September.

To do something that you have never done before, together is very romantic.

Age is just a number it's what you do with it. I will just make sure not to list's my wife's age on my blog...but that would not even matter, I don't think she reads it.

Happy Anniversary!

LOL Kathleen pwned you man :)

Very cool idea, but even harder for those of us born in 1950/1951, and married in 72!!!!

Oh, Kathleen is just kidding everyone. Trust me, it's fine! She's very happy, so happy in fact I'm convinced that she'll soon regret changing the locks. She was really nice to leave my suitcase and a warm coat in the driveway when I got home from work...wow, oh, wow she is delighted with me.

Jason - Cheers for your sense of humor. And I think it was fairly clear that she was kidding. ;)

Thanks, Evan. I'll comment more later but I'm on the phone with her lawyer right now...man these guys are demanding. Do you think she wants 1/2 of my school loan debt too?

Best wishes on your birthday and anniversary! I should warn you that once you get hooked on Burgundy that is it. Unfortunately, my birth was during an incredibly bad Burgundy vintage, so I never even tried to track down a birth year bottle.

My love for Burgundy is why I hope the Finger Lakes or Niagara can get a handle on Pinot Noir, because it can make some transcendent wines.

When I lived in Rochester Century (this was several years ago, when they were on Ridge Rd. near Kodak) always had some relationship with Remoissenet, with many older vintages at great prices. Despite the checkered history of that producer, they sold some good juice. Century always had a great selection good German rieslings before they were popular, too.

I absolutely love this,keep posting!


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