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December 09, 2009


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Nice job. All seem like really solid choices to me.

However, I am still supicious of Lemberger as a varietal. I haven't tasted one I was over the moon abaout,yet, but I have to admit I haven't yet had the opportunity to taste the Keuka Spring.

Carlo -

Heron Hill is going heavy with marketing their Blaufranksich, but we were let down with the super-heavy oak tones. Hard to tell what the rest of the wine offers. Keuka Spring's wine is a more pure representation of where it might be headed in the Finger Lakes. And given some of the similarities between FLX and Austria, Blaufrankisch seems a natural winner here. But certainly it's a little early to declare that, and we're curious to see what unfolds over the next decade.

Hard to argue with those wines.
The discussion of Lemberger's future in the Finger Lakes reminded me about a wine I picked up from Dr. Frank's over the summer. Dr. Frank's is marketing the wine under the name "Cuvee d'Amour." The pourer explained that the winery had been looking for a varietal that would do well in the Finger Lakes and found this one in Asia. If I remember correctly, the 2007 was their first vintage of it. Has anyone else tasted it or heard much about its future prospects in the region? I remember thinking it would pair well with a venison roast.

Ryan: Thanks for the comment Funny you should bring up that wine...our review of it will be published next week!

Ryan -

Given Lenn's forthcoming review, I'll let him handle it. But let me say it's been great having you on the comments here. You always bring solid insight and consumer perspective. Nice that we bumped into each other this summer! Cheers.

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