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December 21, 2009


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Ack - 725 ML - I would be outraged. I haven't seen it in play, would be curious if anyone has.

What was the price of what Lenn drank?


I actually don't remember what I paid for these...under $20 for sure.

The container sizes in which wine can be sold are closely regulated by TTB. They are 50, 100, 187, 375, 500 and 750 ml, 1 L, 1.5 L, and 3 L. (I think there are exceptions for massive bottles, e.g., Methuselahs, etc.)

Beer has no such regulation. I have often seen 11.2 oz on imported beers, including Chimay, etc. It's pretty standard on European and Canadian imports.

Tom - Is there a cooler wine word than Methuselah? Methinksanot.

11.2 sucks. In order for wine producers to skirt the rules they'd have to simply fill the bottles with slightly less product. Not out of the realm of possibility, especially given the myriad trendy bottle shapes, but I'm confident it's not a concern.

I think the fruit might fade too much if you age the Saumur. Part of its charm is that dark fruit balanced with the green. If the green takes over too soon, it might not be as pleasurable.

Vatan is a great name in Saumur - it's organic too, I think.

"11.2 ounces, not the standard 12."

That's why I buy the 15oz cans. Same stuff as the bottle, better deal.

11.2 is pretty common from imports. Ive seen Germany and Belgium do it, and now Ireland.

Thanks for the constructive feedback :) regarding the Overworld limitations and linearity, I only felt it limited in the sense that you aren't truely able to 'explore' fully in the way that could in other Zelda games - remember the underground caverns you could once find? - and quite frankly I miss that and it is basically linear in the sense that your destination is already chosen, yes you are still exploring and in a wonderful new way but this Overworld 'Transport' also highlights the limitations of what Nintendo can do with a 3D Zelda game on the DS but what they 'have' achieved is still impressive and I do acknowledge that fully.

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