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December 07, 2009


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Tom - Flippancy is hard to distinguish in online writings; are you kidding when you say that Red Cat is better - or better value - than 90% of CA wines?

I think he tried to say something about "at that price point", which is pretty much true.

Evan: Yes, I did mean "at that price point". I guess that is a little ambiguous.

PS Flippant? Moi?

Red Cat is sweet as all heck, but it is not overripe, super-alcohol content, oaky dreck.

90% might be an exaggeration, but there is some cheap west coast vinifera that I cannot even stand sipping. Red Cat is drinkable despite its non-serious nature!

Careful everyone. Some of these comments are the reason that some CAers don't take NY wine very seriously. Red cat will do fine without us extolling it's "quality," especially in comparison to generalized CA vinifera.

Gentlemen, it's far too easy to generalize (and bash) California wines. I've done it myself.

I've actually never tasted Red Cat...except as an ingredient in the Red Cat Hot Sauce, which is delicious by the way.

Okay, maybe next time I won't write my WWD at 5:30 AM. I'm saying that this wine has more character than many similarly-priced wines. Not necessarily picking on CA. But when your choices include a syrupy booze bomb or oak city, USA, Red Cat, despite its bad press (for its popularity) is a refreshing alternative for the price.

I think it is cool that you included this in your WWD. I am now tempted to open a bottle of Catawba I got as a gift from my cousin who used to live near Mazza Vineyards in PA. That, by the way, would make my first tasting of a hybrid.

If I were doing a WWD, I would include something that I normally would not buy, or taste or review. This was perfect.

Catawba is not a hybrid, it's vitis labrusca, a native American grape.

I'm not sure I bashed California wines at all--only poorly made crap. Which, of course, there is lots of in the Finger Lakes as well. Underripe can be just as bad as overripe, although the latter is quite distinct.

Some mass-produced vinifera wines from Australia suck too, in the interest of fairness.

Althought it's commonly referred to as a "native grape", Catawba is widely believed to have some V. vinifera parentage. Evidence includes the fact that it is self-fertile, a trait found in vinifera but not true V. labrusca. They can also be known as "labruscana", and even Concord and Niagara have a little bit of vinifera in their history.

I have tasted some straight labrusca grapes and "foxy" does not even begin to describe them.

Thanks Chateau Buffalo...This is a prime example when one should not ASSuME ones thought...always check before you open you mouth kiddies!

I honestly assumed Catawba was a hybrid. Shows you I have alot to learn.

michael: i stand by my statement :)

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