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January 04, 2010


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Sounds like 2010 is going to be a busy year in the Niagara region. Can't wait to venture out for a few visits in the near future.

Hey Brian, if you turned the camera a bit to the right you could have had 2 wineries in the picture!

I agree that 2010 will be an exciting year with many estate wines hitting the shelves. We are surprised (and pleased) with the pace of sales we are seeing now - especially for the higher end wines like the Syrah and reserve Meritage and Chardonnay.

I totally agree on sorting in the vineyard - that is the easiest place to do it and it makes harvest much easier. I think far too much is made of crop levels - the issue is really balance of canopy to fruit. This will vary from vineyard to vineyard and within a vineyard. The "tons/acre" measurement is a rough guide and needs to be adjusted for the site and vineyard layout. A winery's staff explained to me once that they crop at a very low 2.2 tons/acre, which sounds neat - except they use spacing of 10' in the rows rather than todays norm of 8'. Adjusting the crop/acre to a standard of 8' rows gives a yield of 2.75 tons/acre (25% more crop per vine than the initial impression). This can get further complicated with trellis system choices, such as divided canopy that can yield an additional 20-30% crop because more canopy is exposed to sunlight, converting sunlight to fruit.

Facebook is great - especially with pictures. As for twitter, You can see my problem illustrated above (how many characters?)

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