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January 05, 2010


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I look forward to trying this one. I know they do a real nice job with their reserve Baco - one of the most complex and balanced red hybrids I've tasted.

And what a beautiful label!

Im pretty sure that Benmarl's vineyard is 100% Baco Noir, but there is plenty of cab grown in the valley. Their Merlot blend it F*ing awesome.

ps jim the lable is a pretty true to life depiction of the view of the Hudson River from the bluff (Slate Hill) that Benmarl is perched on top of, there is a hill closer to the river you can see has been partially quarried. They use a version of it on most of their Hudson River Region wines. Go and check out the view.

Rowland: I'm pretty sure that Chris told me it was estate, but I may have mis-heard him. I'll check with him and update the post if necessary.


The Cab Franc comes from a vineyard down the road that they manage.

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