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January 12, 2010


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I'm glad you reviewed this wine as I really enjoy both the Cab Franc and the Riesling by Ravines after discovering them at a NYC event a few months back. I've reviewed both myself. Good call.


I don't recall, but was this part of the club shipment not to long ago, and if it was, I must say thank you!

I had this on New Years Eve with my gourmet pizza dishes of fennel and goat cheese and another with Duck, blue cheese and caramelized onions.

This wine was awesome! It went well with the pizza's and everyone enjoyed this, even some who are Pinot Grigio persons, love this wine.

When the bottle was done, everyone wanted more. There was leftover pizza, but nothing from this bottle.

I would love to get some more of this and check it out in the future.

Michael, yes this was in the club in December. And I put the 2007 edition in the club as well.

If Morten keeps cranking out wines of this quality, you can expect to see the 2009 in the club as well.

We have a couple of bottles left of the 2007 Argetsinger Riesling - you liked this one too, as I recall. I hope Ravines has some of the '08 left for the next time we head upstate!

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Ordered your book and heading up 1st weekend in dec. Emailed Ravines, hoping to get in and taste the wines sat or sun. No Argetsinger Riesling unless your in the club correct?

Also-looking at Trip Advisor I saw The Pleasant Valley Inn. Looks like an OK B&B but according to the reviews they have a killer chef. Sounds interesting.

Worth staying in the place cause of the chef? Was thinking the Black Sheep.

Thanks and looking forward to your book.


Marty - Black Sheep. ABSOLUTELY go with Black Sheep if you can.

In fact, we have a feature running on Black Sheep tomorrow. How's that for timing?

Not sure about Argetsinger; I'm sure if you beg they'll listen to you...

Enjoy your time - and thanks for the interest in the book.


I think you need to get over and see what's cooking at The Pleasant Valley Inn:


I smell a story there.

Really looking forward to the read and trip.

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