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February 16, 2010


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I cannot wait to try this, at 6:39 in the morning, I am starving now! I may give this a try on my next day off.

Thanks so much David for the Recipe, Rich for the inspiration and Lenn for this awesome Local with Local idea!

Great looking recipe. I will be making it for sure. And the Raphael 2002 First Label merlot is a favorite of mine.

Looks beautiful. And perfectly timed as Lenn tries to finish off the weight-loss challenge.


Thanks so much for the kind words - it's amazing how time flies!
As you know I love duck so I look forward to trying this delicious recipe. Thanks for the great pairing!

I love duck.

David, you're an evil, evil man. (But that's what we love about you...) We now have a duck purveyor (Hudson Valley, not LI) at our local farmer's market, so we're buying duck. Lots of duck. And since we have lots of LI wine (quite a bit of it is yours, actually) we can and will give this a shot.

Sound yum. It has been over 30 years since I cooked duck. I guess since I am now on LI, I should try this out.

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