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February 03, 2010


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Lenn - it also seems like a very good value at $14. I think more needs to be made of the price/quality ratio of NY wines especially when they are priced so competitively like this one. Its not that easy to find a decent German Riesling today for $14.

A parent of a Lucas employee dropped this wine off with me this weekend. Its an enjoyable Riesling and a great deal for the $14 pricetag.

I agree with most of your notes, I thought the aromas were fairly delicate, definitely not jumping out of the glass, which made it hard to determine it was a riesling on the nose (I verified by blind tasting a couple of people and they had this difficulty too). Interestingly, the blind tasters detected toast/oak notes that I didn't pick up, which made me wonder the origin of those aromas (i.e. I'm assuming it was not barrel aged, so I wonder what winemaking method would produce those aromas; maybe it was psychosomatic!).

The Riesling-ness of the wine showed much more on the palate, though the acidity wasn't as killer as would have expected from a dry Riesling. Again, the blind tasters and I thought we detected a smidge of residual sugar, so I'd be interested to know if this is slightly off dry (5g/L or so?). The finish of the wine was not long or complex, but again, for $14 this is a nicely drinking dry Riesling.

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