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February 10, 2010


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I was just in a conversation a couple of days ago about Finger Lakes wineries that lead the pack in marketing and my mention was Hazlitt. They have branding down pat and they are not afraid to act on ideas. I can see these bottles being served on airlines. Handsome label, I'm already anticipating notes of peach in there.

Personally, I would like to see some 3.0 liter boxes of Finger Lakes riesling. Are any wineries currently pursuing this?

Has anyone tasted this Hazlitt 08 Riesling? I haven't, but I'm curious as to its quality. Even if it's "average" for the region, these bottles will likely fly off the shelves.

Daryl, I'm sure that someone is pondering bag-in-box packaging and I agree, I'd like to see it. I'd love to have a 3L box of Finger Lakes riesling in my fridge all summer long.

Thanks for covering our new Riesling minis! I am very excited about this new packaging and hope to offer all of our top viniferas within a year or so!

Those bottles look small even to me! :-)

To a real wine drinker, airline splits hold a shockingly small amount, but this is a great idea. I am jealous of those graphics.

What is the price of the regular 750ml of the same wine?

In my opinion, I first thought this was a wine cooler.

I understand the concept from a marketing point, but the romance is lost with this four pack.

As someone who is charged with building a market for a product, I am often asked about availability of our Farnum Hill Ciders in splits or small format bottles. While I understand the urge for on premise accounts in particular to have a smaller size, the truth from the production side is that changing your bottling line and suppliers, packaging, etc. is quite costly. I hope that Hazlitt sees huge growth in sales from the small bottles, but remain skeptical.

Leigh - We'll be very interested to see the sales results of this endeavor. Keep us up to date!

Dude - These bottles are like miniature Buddhas, covered in hair.

Mike - The price of the standard bottle should be roughly the same as the 4-pack minis.

Cider - I understand your skepticism, but this is a company with an excellent track record of successful marketing. We shall see.

As someone in retail I can tell you the 4-packs are very popular. Strange though, a couple of large wineries (Alice White is one I believe) have discontinued theirs. The good news is that after we confirmed they were indeed available, we made room for Hazlitt Red Cat 4-pks on the shelf.

As far as box wine goes, the decision to shut down Widmer's private label operation has left a huge vacuum for someone to fill with varietals like Concord and Niagara. I'm told the technology involved in packing and filling boxes involves a whole different set-up than many bottling lines that already exist. Bottom line-sounds expensive.

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