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February 26, 2010


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Out of curiosity, is the order the wines are presented here reflect the order you tasted them?

No, the order of the wines presented here would reflect the order of our alphabet. :)

That's weird. But okay.

Yeah, it's weird to compile a list of wines (from more than one tasting session) in the most common way people look for/expect lists to be organized.

Alpha is always my default ordering when it makes sense -- usability best practice.

One time I stood for a long tasting with a Burgundy negociant while visiting Beaune on business. About 50 wines were presented, all from the same producer.

They were presented to me REDS first, lightest to heaviest, then five minutes rest, then WHITES, lightest to heaviest.

It was explained to me that the complexities of the reds were better appreciated when the palate wasn't exhausted by the acidic whites - then the whites would actually be quite refreshing after the reds - with only the lightest whites (the throwaways) being sacrificed to the lengthy tasting.

How many times have you approached the first red of the day with a palate worn out by your rigorous white tasting? It happens.

Now, whenever I can, I appraoch my longer tastings "backwards". Try it sometime!

Is it also a usability best practice to put asterisks next to prices & then not explain anywhere on the page what those asterisks represent?

Jim, that's an interesting concept and idea and I can absolutely see that making sense in that setting.

I guess the problem with applying that to my tastings is that I don't know the wines going in as intimately as the producer would!

Really interesting though.

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