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February 16, 2010


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I just heard back from Matt Spaccarelli, GM and co-winemaker at Benmarl, and wanted to add a bit to this post.

"Kristop's decision to head back to school is bitter sweet for us here at Benmarl," Matt said adding that "Kristop's and my relationship goes beyond employee and employer, co-worker to co-worker. It goes beyond wine making. We are friends."

That's why the news is bittersweet for Matt and the whole Spaccarelli family. "All of us at the winery are happy that he and his family have taken on this great challenge and at the same time will miss their presence. He will no longer be working here, but he is part of Benmarl's DNA."

As for Matt, who will be taking on the winemaking duties, he tells me that he is looking forward to "more work in the cellar and less work in the office!"

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