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March 26, 2010


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sounds lovely, but at $150 per person ie $300 a couple (!) plus BYO large format and/or superspecial B? A tad pricey for those of us who actually depend on the local wine industry for the food on our own North Fork tables. even those of us who gaily throw a few hundred bucks on a really awesome wine, and then make up for it by eating pasta for a month! But those of you who can swing it - enjoy!
One last thought - this event is inspired by a traditional celebration held after the harvest by, presumably, those who worked the harvest? I'm sensing an irony here, but no time - have to run - been online, oh, 12 minutes, and the 1lb of Barilla ($1.50) boiling on the stove is almost certainly overcooked by now. I'll just dump a jar of chopped tomatoes on it (another $1.50), that should do the trick. total for dinner - $3.00. wine - $0 - just gotta choose from the dusty ranks of aged, local, large format stuff that we actually DO have in the basement! x

Gwen: It's expensive, yes. A point well taken. In some ways, it's good that I have to work that day. We can't afford for both of us to go and that might be a problem ;)

I guess from the NFT's perspective, since they aren't making a dime on the wine that night (being a BYOB event) they need to make up the difference on the food?

If they only do this once a year, I think that's a special enough occasion to splurge and I have a feeling they'll fill plenty of seats.

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