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March 10, 2010


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Wonderful to read about Kitty, who is one of the most impressive and professional people in the Finger Lakes industry. I have no doubt that John Ingle recognizes what a talent she is. Kitty, fun stuff, and thanks for your hard work and responsiveness to writers.

Kitty Oliver has always inspired me. I filled her spot at the architecture firm in LA when she left and they were definately big shoes to fill. I am so glad to hear she is doing so well back in NY and that she is applying her talents. Cheers to that!

I'm not surprised to hear this magazine would do a feature on you. I remember you made an impression on me the first time I met you. You have an engaging personality whether at work or when you entertain at your home. It is a very nice article....

Great article and Kitty's made me hunger and thirst for hot chili chocolate and port. And I definitely have to try the Cabernet Franc too.

Thanks for all the great feedback! It's been an amazing experience working so closely with writers all over the country. I can appreciate their talent and admire their drive. Nika - I hear you're doing a fabulous job at the architecture firm! I miss everyone there (and the beach), but have loved the shift into wine. Winemakers and Architectural Designers share a lot of similarities! Both are striving to create the perfect piece of art. Deb, if you hadn't given JP and I the chance at creating our own dream home on your old plot, we'll we'd be no where close to where we are now :). Karen, enjoy the chili chocolate for me! I'm sure I'll be traveling down to Erie next summer to stock up.

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