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March 05, 2010


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This ia a fantastic idea- kudos to the forward thinking wineries involved. As a WNY'r it is a lot easier for me to get to Finger Lake wineries than Hudson or Long Island, this will enhance my tasting experience and only help the wineries involved. I hope Chautauqua and Niagara wineries get on board soon as well.

Ed is absolutely right. I'm excited that our readers in each region will have a better opportunity to taste wines from the other regions. It's a fun, easy to coordinate idea that is long overdue.

I could be wrong, but my guess is that the organizers would love to include Niagara and Chat-Erie going forward.

THAT is a really cool idea. Bravo to whomever thought it up, and to the wineries participating!

I think this is a terrific idea. As a native of the Finger lakes region, I'm in that area often enough to have access to those wines. As a current resident of Pittsburgh, PA, it's rare to see any wines from the Hudson Valley or Long Island in the state stores so having a way to taste and acquire them along with the FLX wines is very attractive.

Dana: I always forget that you're living in my hometown now. I've seen a few Dr. Frank wines in the state stores near my parents house...but not much else.

And certainly nothing from LI or HV!

My tasting room (Lieb Cellars) is going to show some varietals that few people on Long Island has ever heard of: Seyval Blanc, Lemberger, Chelois. Things not grown in our vineyard - will be great fun!

Gary, I think that's a great strategy to employ with this project -- pour stuff that you're not doing. That (temporarily at least) expands your portfolio and will be fun for your customers.

I know I'll be in to taste these wines.

Like Gary, I'm excited, because I'll be pouring Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, two wines we defintely do not grow. It's going to be fun for the staff, and a great expereince for the folks who come visit the tastingroom at Hudson-Chatham.

About time!!
I've inquired about this a few times on this site in the last few years as I remember that Galluccio (long since gone and occupied by Macari's 2nd facility) used to do this all the time. It's where I first discovered Atwater.
But when Galuccio went under, so did this concept on the North Fork.
It's good to see the cross promotion going on!

This is an idea long overdue on Long Island. While Hunt Country in the Finger Lakes has sold wine from Castello di Borghese on Long Island, and Rivendell in the Hudson Valley sells wine from, oh, all over NYS, I can't think of anyplace on LI that's sold wine from other makers.

Those of you Long Islanders who haven't ever tried Anthony Road's wines are in for a treat, as are those Finger Lakes folks who haven't ever had Lieb or Macari. (I'm looking forward to trying Hudson Valley wine, personally.)

I love this idea and you can count on me heading to the most local winery to me, Hudson-Chatham, to give all these wines a try.

One of the things that I like best is that the wineries participating don't have great distribution in my neck of the woods (Albany). I head down to LI once or twice a year, but I can't get to every vineyard. Lieb, in particular, is always on my list to visit, but I can't seem to get there because I don't want to miss my friends at my favorites (Macari included, I am a club member). So this is an opportunity for me to become a new fan.

Great idea. SG

Lenn - Dr Frank is the only FLX winery I see regularly in the premium PA stores in the PGH area. Bully Hill shows up from time to time and a couple of Red Newt wines made an appearance this summer. I said rare regarding LI and HV, but never is more like it. A search just now of the PLCB's web site did turn up the Wolffer 2004 Reserve Chardonnay in the area. Any feedback on that specific wine?

Great idea!

So I assume the wineries buy the wine wholesale from the others than just resell in tasting rooms?

I'm sure a Niagara winery or two would love to participate in something like this.

Anthony Road will be featuring the Lieb 2007 Pinot Blanc and the Benmarl 2008 Cabernet Franc. Lieb will feature either our 2007 Cabernet Franc/Lemberger or 2008 Dry Riesling, possibly both. Benmarl will feature our 2007 Cabernet Franc/Lemberger. Looking forward to tasting these wines. Visit our winery and taste these NY wines and then travel 2 miles north to Fox Run to taste the wines from Macari and Hudson-Chatham.

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