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March 02, 2010


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Very cool!

That is so very cool! Love this idea. More restaurants should take their lead and get those local wines up front on their lists.

This is a great idea and it's nice to see a place that embraces local production like that.

Okay, so how do you do this legally, as a winery? You can't sell wine without a label, and every label has to be approved the the TTB ahead of time. Do you get a label approval for each keg?

We've had requests before to sell bulk wine (granted, they were al lthe poeple without any license at all, but still), but I didn't know how to do it legally, so we didn't. Enquiring minds ant to know . . .

Labels have to be TTB approved for 5.1 gallons for each wine just like a bottle. Every winery have to submit their label for each specifically wine.
Do you have any good juice to sell? As long as you run a legaly bounded winery you can buy juice and repackage in any TTB approved vessel.
Believe me we have worked on this for almost two years and finnaly got it done thanks to the support of local wineries.
Paulo Villela

In 5 years or less wine on tap will be commonplace. It's time has come.


Thanks, that's great to know. It was the obvious answer, but not one I had considered.

I take it you're with Verace? Would you have any interest in serving a dessert wine (maybe a Riesling Icewine) this way? If so, please contact me at Sheldrake Point. Thanks!

Kareem: I hope you're right. Heck, I can think of worse things than having a quarter keg of Paumanok Chenin Blanc on tap at all times at my house.

Wow...we've done this for years at Catharine Valley Winery. We use it for glass shows and weddings. Sounds like I need a special container to sell it to restaurants or bars.

I am the winemaker at Wooldridge Creek Winery in Southern Oregon. We have been placing our wines in kegs for restaurants since June of 2009. At this point, our accounts have poured more than 25,000 glasses from kegs. We know this works. If anyone has any questions, I’ll be happy to share. We have learned a lot about how to make this work for everyone. Cheers, Greg.

City Winery in NYC has had an active multi-tap system since they opened, they seem to rotate new wines through fairly often, pouring a pinot noir rose at the moment....fresh and fast.


We are implementing a wine on tap and bottle refilling operation at Bottleshop, the wine bar above our urban winery in Seattle. www.wilridgewinery.com

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