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May 18, 2010


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The caption of this photo is pure brilliance. Poor Spoon, our favorite punching bag.

Poor, poor Spoon...

Whoops - forgot to mention: Go Steelers (except for the team members who are criminals)!

Glad to see you have standards, Joe. ;)

Btw, cheers to safe and enjoyable Malbec-based travels upcoming. Love that dirt-ball Cahors wine.

I wonder when 'Spoon will notice. We do it out of love, of course.

Joe, I trust that you'll also serve as Remy's bodyguard? Rumor has it that some wineries in that part of the world don't share the affection that we have for the big lug from north of the border.

That's just me, but I rather see Remy acting as Joe's bodyguard...

Julien, it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

Remember that.

Glad to the caption is getting some laughs! :)

Evan and Lenn of course I know the harassing is out of love! Of course, I have a good sense of humor, thick skin, and love you guys too, so I can take it. ;)

Remy is Canadian, so by definition that means it is >99% certain that he cannot fight.

As for the dirty Cahors wine - I get the feeling that I'm about to land in the heart of Brett-Land... but trying to keep an open mind! :-)


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