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May 17, 2010


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Evan: For it to be that sweet, the alcohol must be like 7-8%. What's the ABV on that?

Tom - Don't recall, though my brain tells me single digits. Good point.

Regarding aging rose: I have no experience whatsoever, and find the idea interesting, even if rose is sort of the ultimate Drink Now kind of wine.

In my limited experience (just 2 older roses, both 8-10 years from vintage) the color gets pretty dark (think dark copper or really light pinot), but the flavors don't develop into anything more interesting. Both had lost a lot of zip, lost a lot of fruit, and only one of the two picked up any positive aged character (a bit of nutty honey-ness). They were both dry, however, which might've made aging a bit harder on them. Perhaps a bit younger (5-7) years and a bit of RS and they could still hold some solid fruit and acid to jive with the potential aged flavors.

Glad to see Lenn posting a FLX Riesling on "What we Drank." Disappointed with Evan doing a German Riesling this month after giving him kudos on my blog as being passionate about FLX wines. OK, from now on Lenn will be my Finger Lakes wine info source. ;)

Joe -

Ouch! :) Enjoyed your review of the Zugibe '08 and am excited to see that you'll be hitting eastern Seneca / western Cayuga. Perhaps we can meet for a drink on this or a future visit.

And hey, we advocate drinking around the world if we're going to truly appreciate the potential that we have here. And the Pfalzian (is that a word?) wine offered a vehicle for me to attack the silly "semi-sweet" designation!

For those who are looking for an aged rose, Lopez De Heredia sells a 1998 rose right now. That is current vintage I believe. Quite an interesting wine.

Dan - We were fortunate enough to enjoy that exact wine on Saturday night at TasteCamp. Richard from Massachusetts brought a bottle (along with a bottle of Gravner's Ribolla Gialla). And I agree; LdH are always fascinating, contemplative wines.

Dan: Not only did Richard bring some to TasteCamp (a 97) he and I did a little wine swap that resulted in me bringing home a bottle of the 98.

We actually had quite a bit of LdH wine over the weekend...I brought a bottle of 89 white and Sasha had one from the 90s with her. Such cool wines that are always well received by a room filled with wine geeks.

That Gravner though...wow. Such an interesting wine.

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