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May 14, 2010


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Outstanding stuff, Julia. I love the fact that you honed in on the most vital part of the TasteCamp experience: The best winemakers are the ones who not only enjoy pouring their wines; they're the ones who get fired up to open a special bottling with a group of wine lovers who will appreciate it. I've come to believe that to be a great winemaker, you have to love wine from around the world, and you have to love the experience of sharing something special. That, quite simply, is Fred Merwarth.

Oh, and... "used car salesman of wine"? I kind of dig that. Nice.

Very well done, Julia! I'm now being reminded of the massive wine crush I have on the Wiemer wines. Can I live there? I'll help out and get paid in wine, no big deal. It was far and away my favorite place of the weekend.

I'm really kicking myself for not staying for the extra wines. I wish I had because it sounds like they did not disappoint. Thanks for such a thorough depiction of them, though.

The "true meaning of Tastecamp". Without question. I could become a Wiemer-addict...easly.

Great account of what transpired.

I think that Fred was just as stoked to pour that gewurztraminer as we were to taste.

I went to #Tastecamp to find gewurztraminer, and I am so glad I was able to find this and was able to bring it home.

Big thanks to Tom who grabbed my arm and said, "you really don't want to miss this. Stay."

Welcome back to the NYCR, Julia...and you did it with a bang. Love this post, and there was no way I was leaving once I heard Fred ask that question.

I think that's one of the things I loved most about TasteCamp this year -- as the organizer. So many of the winemakers we spent time with were just so excited to have such a large group of interested, enthusiastic, ENGAGED people around that they couldn't help themselves.

Wiemer may have been one of the pinnacles of that, but look at how many library wines we tasted! Just about every stop!

It was an incredible weekend and it just reinforces what I've thought for a long time -- wine lovers are among the most generous people in the world. We are always willing to open something 'special' for fellow geeks...because spending time with fellow wine geeks IS special.

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