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June 18, 2010


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You had many nice things to say about this wine but you gave it an 83 - I'm curious as to how you arrived at this score.


Rick: Thanks for an entirely fair question.

Many years ago, when I used the school system A-F rating system, I based those scores largely on my personal tastes and preferences. But, as time wore on and this site became far more than my personal wine blog, I've had to change how I approach wine reviews.

My liking a wine or not isn't the point anymore. If that were the case, barrel-fermented chardonnays wouldn't do very well because I tend to not reach for those often. I have to evaluate the wine at a higher-level. Is it well made? Does it show complexity and length? Is it balanced from beginning to end? Is the oak/tannin/RS/acidity well incorporated?

I like this wine for what it is -- fresh, thirst-quenching and food-friendly -- and because I applaud innovation and unique wines. But based on the other criteria, it's falls a bit short.

I'd also like to remind everyone that an 83 is in the upper range of the "Good" category if you look at our review page.

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