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June 28, 2010


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Congratulations, Lenn!!!! Well done!!!!

Well deserved! Congrats to everyone involved!

Very well-deserved. NYCR is kick all kinds of ass and in my (admittedly narrow) view, has become *the* authority on the NY wine scene.

Congratulations everyone!

You were the best person to win this award Lenn. Despite my personal belief that it's impossible to judge an entire blog, as opposed to a specific article (blog, photo, video, etc), I do believe that your site has always shown the highest form of professionalism, knowledge and consistency. To that I say congratulations to an award well earned.

Congratulations to you and the entire team at the NYCR! The entire New York wine region is lucky to have this blog.

Congrats to you and the NYCR posse! Well-deserved.

Nice job and congrats! This blog has added a lot of enjoyment to my experience. I also think the mainstream medias could learn a little from your team's professionalism. Sg

Let me add my voice to the "congrats!" train.

Nicely done, Congrats!

That is such great news!! Congrats to everyone, and way to stay current on trends and news!!

Well-earned. Congratulations!

Congrats to Lenn and the whole staff! Great job!

You might have it if it belongs to you,whereas you don't kvetch for it if it doesn't look within your life.

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