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July 14, 2010


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Good article, I've been to grand cru once before and liked it but I wonder how well it will do. There is a reason why there aren't a lot of small beer and cheese shops in non rural areas. They have to compete with grocery stores that can beat them on price. There is also a very large beer store in poughkeepsie that they have to compete with. I have a feeling the same thing will happen to liquor stores when New York lets them sell wine. Not saying its good or bad just I think it'll happen. That said if this store is going to thrive rhinebeck is the town to be in. Great store check it out.

Thanks for the comment Mark. As I see it, the main differential is that there will typically be more focus and care in a shop selection as opposed to a "little bit of everything" that you would normally find in a grocery store. You might find Coach Farm Chevre in a grocer's case in Rhinebeck, but probably not Rainbeau Ridge or even Lively Run. The grocery store can beat them on price, but I think that quality and customer attention is what sets the specialty shop apart. I agree that Half Time is a big competitor for them in Poughkeepsie, which is why the cheese and other locally-sourced products could be a major draw for them.

it's really necessary to showcase your cheeses in a more interesting and enjoying manner, so that your prospect and first-time customers will eventually go back to you rather than going to the groceries.

Thanks for the review and comments. Going forward, we are really going to put an emphasis on expanding our cheese selection to make it much more varied and interesting. We admit that the cheese aspect of the shop is a work in progress for us. Over the coming weeks, a lot of new additions/changes will be made. Feedback is ALWAYS welcome.

Eric from Grand Cru

As a resident of Rhinebeck, and a big fan of Grand Cru, I just wanted to address a couple of Mark's points: the local grocery stores (Stop & Shop and Hanaford) don't have great beer selections. They have the standard fare, but that's about it. And yes, Half-Time in Poughkeepsie is relatively close, but depending on traffic, it can take quite some time to get down there from this area. Plus, it's such a huge store I often find myself overwhelmed if I don't go with a list. Grand Cru is much easier to navigate. I really hope they are successful because I enjoy having a beer shop right in town.

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