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July 30, 2010


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East Coast Syrahs always get my attention, unfortunately, very few deliver (except for an occasional Rose). That said I'm seeing more and more cross my radar of late. I'll keep my eyes open for the Jamesport. Cheers!

Had the McGregor Rose last night, was very tasty and easy (as rose should be), a Cab Franc one with a touch of extra sugar left, just enough to balance a bit of acid and add some tasty fleshiness to the fruit, but not anywhere close to taking it our of the "Dry" category. I like the summer focus on more Roses on the blog!

My real reason for posting is I bought a few things over the course of the summer that I think have real aging potential, but some are sealed by synthetic cork. Anyone here have an opinion on whether to store these bottles upright to limit contact with the plastic and foam? Or does that not really matter in the scheme of their aging? I also posted this on the article that gave me the thought from a few days ago, so forgive the question in two places.


Aaand, I feel I should add that the rose mention wasn't because I thought the Jamesport was a $35 Syrah rose, just Lenn mentioned it. It dawned on me after I hit post that that might seem out of left field.

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