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July 29, 2010


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so the only wines that get included in your monthly club distribution have to be previously carried by bacchus? or will bacchus pick up wines on your review/request?

Jeff: I actually have no idea if these wines are available at Bacchus or not -- are they?

To answer your question, Dan at Bacchus has been great -- he's gotten a ton of wines in just for the club and we're working out a couple deals to get in wines that aren't available anywhere except at the wineries themselves, typically.

I am a club member who found Bacchus through the club. I live in Albany but travel to Rochester every couple of months and stop in to Bacchus to avoid any shipping costs.

I like the store a lot and Dan is committed to NY State wines. To answer your question, when I was there last, there were a great deal of the club wines from previous months on the shelves of Bacchus. In fact, one previous selection I really liked,2003 Medolla Merlot, was smiling at me so I think a bought two or three more.


Hi Jeff,

There are a few answers to your comments.

We have a healthy selection of NYS wines BUT if there is something you are interested in just let me know and I will be happy to special order the wine OR direct you on how to get the wine.

I am happy to sell the wine and/or act as a helpful guy assisting poeple in finding the wine they want!

As for the club selections, we have some instock and some we order special for the club. Typically we have "leftovers" from the club selection but they sell out fast becasue of the exposure.

Contact me anytime.........I would love to chat with you.


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