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July 27, 2010


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Sounds like a great time. My wife and I have enjoyed all of those stops except for the Aurora Inn...we just never seem to make it to that side of Cayuga. Bellwether converted us as well. We keep a few on hand when we can't decide between beer and wine.

I felt the same way about Moosewood. I'd been cooking with those books for years and when I finally got to the restaurant, I realized that I should keep riffing on those recipes myself. "Hospital food" is not a good texture for vegetarian cuisine.

Lenn - You hit a lot of great spots on your trip that we've visited and came up with a few we'll need to check out on our next trip. Bellwether Hard Cider and Cayuga Lake Creamery particularly interest me after reading your post.

Were you able to pet the goats at Lively Run? Our trip last fall happened to coincide with an open house weekend for the various cheese farms and Lively Run allowed visiters into the goat barn. They were as friendly as dogs.

We had lunch at Simply Red Bistro a couple of years ago. If meatloaf can qualify as qourmet food, the one I had that day would have - just delicious.

If you have the chance to make it farther up the west side of Cayuga on a future trip, the bistro at Thirsty Owl is very good and we like many of their wines as a bonus.

There's a terrific chocolate shop in Trumansburg (Life's So Sweet) that's easy to get to if you're roaming the west side of Cayuga. Do a chocolate tasting there if you have the time.

We also had a bad experience at the Moosewood on a prior trip. We'd stop based on the recommendation of someone who'd gone to college at Ithaca College a number of years earlier. Apparently getting by on reputation. Despite all that, it was very busy. Based on our experience, it's hard to imagine it was repeat business.

You mentioned Buttermilk Falls. Did your hikes include Taughannock Falls State Park? The gorge is more an easy walk than a hike, but it's pretty and the falls at the end are impressive if there's enough water going over them.

Once again you have me looking forward to our next trip.


Dana: We've enjoyed some Thirsty Owl wines in the past as well. We didn't stop there this trip because we'd been there before. Sorry to have missed the chocolate shop though...

And yes, we hiked Taughannock Falls as well. We did the riverbed trail AND the rim trail that day...and then went for some hard cider. Stunningly beautiful spot to be sure.

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