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August 10, 2010


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I love the idea of this. It's a great format. I've enjoyed the few TTLs I've participated in where everyone has the same few wines and we could talk directly with the winery. The only unfortunate part is that no one ever ships to Massachusetts so I'm probably out of luck with participating.


Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Shinn can ship to MA.

But, I know that there are some wineries in NY that can, so if we partner with one of them, I'll make sure you know it!

Word up. Looking forward to tasting their stuff again.

Lenn- Please post other Taste NY activities in this forum in the future. How often do you plan on doing this? SG

What a great program. Go you!

Good stuff, better to make it available to the public and not just bloggers.

Shinn being one of my Alma Maters I am absolutely in for this tasting!

Thanks Lenn for putting this together! We are all looking forward to this tasting. That 2007 nine barrels reserve merlot was just released here in the tasting room. Great vintage, great wine. 92 points Wine Advocate.

Better late than never, but we just ordered our tasting pack! Great idea and looking forward to reading everyone's views on the wines.

todella hienoja. Omanikin sai jo bussissa joltain tuntemattomalta suuria ylistyssanoja. Kiitoksia siis vielä kerran! :D

Ja jos välttämättä haluat tehdä korkeavyötäröisen hameen, niin voithan sinä sitä ideaa yrittää Emmille markkinoida. Itse olen kyllä niin täpinöissäni siitä omasta tulevasta hamosestani. Ah, en malttaisi odottaa. Minä nyt

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