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September 30, 2010


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Charlie Hargrave, vineyard manager at Peconic Bay Winery just emailed me with an update from his vineyard:

"We have received 1 tenth of an inch. It is predicted that the the heaviest rain will be well west of us. The fruit is in excellent shape and I expect we can withstand much rain before seeing any problems. It is the rain with the extreme winds that is my biggest concern particularly to the outside rows."

I'd just like to mention something as it relates to the big picture. Any one rain event doesn't necessarily negatively impact a healthy vineyard in a hot dry season like we've had. If a vineyard manager isn't vigiliant with his/her spray schedule they may have a slight mildew infection in the vineyard that can spread like wildfire when it rains. The raindrops hit the spores and send them far and wide. This is especially important in rot prone varieties like Riesling and Pinot Noir. There is the chance that the vines can draw the water up into the grapes diluting them at best and splitting them at worst. A few of the wineries out here (who I won't name) have machines that artificially remove water from the juice. Their rationale is that they are just removing the rain. I disagree with this manipulative technique but you would be surprised who employs it. Do you remember the 17" of rain we received from 10/8-10/15 in 2005? We had 6" on 10/13 and 5.7" on 10/14. The reds from the 2005 vintage are some of the best we've produced. It ain't over til it's over!

- Greg Gove, Peconic Bay Winery

Been raining so heavy at Keuka Lake that my figs are exploding.

So far the first part of this system has sailed well to the west of the North Fork. We saw lots of sun today and no rain. Hope the rest of the system can stay on the same course!

I was interested to read Thomas' comment as from looking at the doppler radar on Weather Channel's web site, it appeared the Finger Lakes and maybe Hudson Valley were going to receive a lot more rain than LI. Although perhaps LI will still get hit with the tail end of the storm.

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