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October 01, 2010


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So how many, roughly, berries did you eat while sorting?

The over-under in Vegas sits at 175.

Over. By a lot. Paid for it, too.

Evan, This is a fantastic article. You really captured the spirit of the winery and the meticulous attention that Fred gives to the crafting of his wines.

I must say it was a thrill to see the sorting in person and to taste the succulent Riesling grapes. You have no idea how much I wanted to jump in and help. Maybe I'll volunteer next year!

I believe you ate your own weight worth of grapes... and I don't blame you one little bit for it!

Glad to see that attention to detail at Wiemer - it shows in the wines. Gewurz is one of the few wine grapes I can pick out just from the taste, but I'm not sure I would eat that many, even if stuck at the sorting table. They tend to be super sweet and pippy.

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