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October 17, 2010


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Great video!

Billsboro is a terrific experience. I'd put McGregor and Rooster Hill in the same boat - places where you can relax, taste some great wine, and enjoy your time there. Although, of course, the servers at those two places do tend to be in uniforms...

Billsboro IS fantastic. I also dig the new Damiani tasting room - just down the road from the former, right next to Finger Lakes Distilling. Great atmosphere and view, and of course, wines.

Stemware is a big plus for me. Love that Billsboro is thoughtful about their stemware.

I should say that I love the concept of pairing food when possible, though not everyone will agree that chocolate and red wine are always a big hit! (Lenn, I'm looking at you.) But I dig it, and it's another sign that this is a tasting room that gets the little details right.

Brandon - Have to go check out Damiani's new digs!

I can go either way when it comes to food pairing in a tasting room. It really depends on what the food is.

Cheese and chocolate (good pair with red wine or not) don't bother me -- even as someone often mostly interested in truly evaluating the wines. They aren't THAT aromatic and rarely interfere.

But I've been to tasting rooms with mustard and garlic or curry dips out in the past that filled the room with those aromas. Not good. And if you're eating those things while you're tasting wine, I don't know how you can tell if the wines are any good or not.

Maybe that's part of the point, in some cases?

And no, chocolate does not work with dry reds in my opinion. :)

Leidenfrost on Seneca Lake is certainly one of the best tasting rooms in the Finger Lakes. The owner and winemaker is usually there pouring wine on most Saturdays. Beside the fact he designed and built the place, there is an outstanding view of their vineyards overlooking Seneca Lake. They ask what kind of wine you like, use good glassware, plenty of dump buckets and water for rinsing. The customer is encouraged to take their time and enjoy the atmosphere and experience. There is also local artists paintings on display. By the way, his reds age really well. We recently did a vertical tasting of Pinot Noir from 1998-2005 and except for the 1999 they were outstanding. The best part is his prices are amongst the lowest in the finger lakes!

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