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October 05, 2010


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I suggest a new rule in journalism and winemaking (think of Bill Maher's "rules") - no one should be allowed to use "Burgundian", "style of Alsace", "minerally like Chablis" and a host of others without actually being able to name at least one benchmark producer from said region.

Simple enough eh?

By the way, if Olivier heard you calling his Chassagne "chardonnay" he would probably become unhinged...

All the best and of course, in good fun....

Haha...yeah, but it IS chardonnay, regardless.

I'm not completely against using classic region comparisons to start a conversation -- but it has to go beyond that and it has to be legit. In many cases, "Burgundian" means "Oaked, but not flabby like California."

Sucks that the rest of the country needs to always start the conversation with how they are NOT California.

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