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November 16, 2010


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Bernard Diochon's wines are definitely one of the most long lived cru's. I've tasted the wines back to the early 90's over the last 10 or so years and though interesting to taste with 5+ years of age I always have found them really enjoyable in the 2-4 year mark. Also try Nicole Chanrion's Cote de Brouilly, also very interesting with 2-4 years of age.

Watch out though, you could addicted to cru Beaujolais, I know I have.

Just a quick note about the Cave Spring La Penna appassimento style wine. I am a student in Niagara College's Winery and Viticulture program in Niagara as well as a wine blogger.You are very right about the appassimento style wine becoming more and more common here.

The Teaching Winery here at the College is part of a research project being spearheaded by Donald Ziraldo experimenting appassimento style wines. This year we picked 1 tonne of our Cab Franc and air dried it I think the Brix level got up close to 28 (don't quote me on that.) From what I understand there are several other wineries part of this project. Also the Foreign Affair winery is using some appassimento grapes in almost all of their bottlings (even on things like Riesling)

It does make sense in a region where sometimes Brix levels just do not get up to levels you might want. I think this is especially important on varieties like Cab Sauv which is notoriously hard to fully ripen here even in good years. So definitely have a look out for some of the 2010 appassimento wines part of this project all of them will be commercial releases from what I've been told.

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