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December 13, 2010


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Aaron: As that "certain founder" I will concur that this cheese was underwhelming. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I disliked it...there simply wasn't enough flavor to dislike. It was boring.

I've only had it one that one occasion and would love to try it again.

Thanks for the balanced review. We always think there is room for improvement, too, which is why we intend to continue to perfect Blaak rather than divert our attention to creating different cheeses.

The next season of Blaak goes into production when the goats freshen in March. We hope that each season gets better and better.

Thanks for all that you do to support NYS cheesemakers.

Thanks for the comment Brent and Josh. Many cheesemakers seem to diversify the number of cheeses they offer in an effort to please everyone in the market, as opposed to focusing on the unique qualities of their milk to produce a good cheese. Making one style of cheese to create the balance and profile that you are looking for before adding to your portfolio, is a great way to focus on quality in my opinion. I look forward to tasting future wheels!

Sorry, folks. I couldn;t disagree more. I like this cheese very much. It's a semi-soft cheese, that is mild. We serve it and sell it in our tastingroom, and it extremely popular. Many fo the folks that come in don't know of the television show (sorry, Boys).

We have all kinds of cheese that smell like dirty feet, old socks, and all kinds of unmentionables. On some Saturdays, we don't like to even open the cheese fridge. But this cheese, wheather or not the customers know about the show (which is fabulous) or not, is extremely popular. The cheese is mild and good.

Gouda is popular. There are mild Tommes. That all this is. Sounds like your looking for a Cabernet flavor in a Pinot glass. It's a nice solid cheese that's nice to eat. Not everyone want a tangy, smelly cheese.

Carlo - I am glad to hear that you and others enjoy this cheese. As I said in my review, mild is not a bad quality at all if that is what you are looking for. I enjoy mild cheeses right along side aged Goudas, funky Cheddars, spicy blues, and pungent washed-rinds. In this particular case (for me) there just wasn't the right balance.

Carlo: I've had the pleasure of eating just about every style of cheese made with Aaron and I can say definitively, he appreciates mild, nuanced cheeses far more than you seem to believe. If anything I'm the one looking for more aggressive, stinky flavors/character.

I think what happened here (for Aaron and for myself) is two fold.

First, there is so much hype around this cheese in some circles, that it would have been difficult to live up to them no matter what.

Second, with the unique ash component and beautiful wheels... the cheese itself is just a big whelming. Not underwhemling, just...whelming.

The book just doesn't quite match the cover. But this is a new cheese and producer. I look forward to subsequent Beekman cheeses.

Two city slickers making idiots of themselves is not entertaining- it's an old story, boring and predictable. Rather drop them in the wilderness- it would get to the point of city dwellers being completely inept in the real world quicker, and they'd probably move back in one episode. This is an insult to people who can survive longer than two days beyond the shadow of high rises. I'm sure the locals are laughing their ass off at these two nuts.

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