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December 17, 2010


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Evan - what a fabulous trailer! I can't wait to get the book!! We will be finding you in person to get it signed so let us know of the signings tour. Or just come stay with us in Ghent!

Very timely release of a wine book like this. "Summer in a Glass" is a cool present this Christmas and a must-read book for wine lovers too.

I am so stoked for this - I was talking it up with Mary Ewing-Mulligan when we were in Portugal last week, as she mentioned she was going to write a blurb for the jacket and I was like "OMG, I have the dorkiest wine blogging bromance going on with Evan right now, he's awesome!"

This is, I think, going to be one of the coolest things to ever happen to/for the FL wine region in recent memory and I'm excited to see it become a reality.

I think the video trailer lacks the Jedi mind trick of trying to convince people that there is no petrol aroma in the Riesling... but otherwise great work! ;-)

Thanks, Kathy, Matt, and Dude. But you know, Joe, the real trick is reminding people that they like the petrol!

Once again, you are amazing, Congrats!

Congrats Evan! Can't wait to get my copy...

Geez, Davd and Scott, I should warn you not to make such pronouncements until you read the book...

Truly, I'm blessed and I hope the book fulfills expectations. That trailer sets them high!

Evan- I have always enjoyed your writing and I look forward to reading your book. This may Seem like a silly question but I have become addicted to reading on my wife's Kindle and my I Pad.

Will the book be available electronically as well? Thanks.

I've already pre-ordered my copy two weeks ago! Evan, thank you for sharing your passion for the region and the winemakers. You have totally turned me on to the Finger Lakes and I cannot wait to come back for a visit. All the praises are very well deserved.... Wonderful trailer too!

Steve - Sure will! More info coming on that front.

Viviane - You're too kind. Merci, merci!

Congrats Evan - writing a book is a tremendous amount of work and you should be very proud.... I look forward to reading the fruit of your efforts!

Thanks, Rich. In retrospect, I'm glad that I simply put my head down and wrote the book I wanted to write instead of wrangling with an agent. I am very, very fortunate to have a strong publisher like Sterling that believes in the project and believes that people will be interested. I've told them that this concept will travel; it's extremely well suited for writing the story of regions like Long Island, Virginia, Willamette, etc.

Congratulations Evan! Headed over to Amazon to pre-order right now.

Thanks, B!

I too look forward to reading your book and helping you host a successful book signing at Sheldrake Point Vineyard. I must say, though, this description of you is fun: "gleefully afflicted with an uncommon, energetic love for wine." I can see you skipping through the vineyard rows now! All the best to you, Evan. Congrats on accomplishing quite a feat!

HI Evan

I am thoroughly enjoying reading your book, but was wondering if you had a comprehensive list of all of the wines you tried while writing the book? I would really love to re-read it, and "follow" along with you trying the wines as you go along on your journey? Do you have a list posted anywhere?


I've gotten similar questions, but I want to make sure I know what you're asking. You're looking for a full list of wines that are mentioned in the book, right? Not the full list of wines I tasted during my research and travels?

Also, are you looking for Finger Lakes only or all wines?

I'm in FL and would like to give this book and a few of the bottles of wine mentioned in the book as a gift. Problem is that the book is not available locally, for me to purchase and review the wines again. I can get the book via Kindle for my sister, but need the list of wines in the book. Help!

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