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December 15, 2010


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There's a little Albarino planted up here in the Finger Lakes too, and it is showing very well indeed. No commercial releases yet.

For what it's worth, I am thrilled to see our friends on Long Island experimenting with more white grapes!

Peter: I was curious about the Finger Lakes and Albarino. Thanks for letting us know.

There are some other grapes finding their way into vineyards here as well, including gruner (which I know FLX has) and Ribolla, which I should have a post on soon.

Who is planting gruner on LI? I know you could not be possibly talking about my measly six vines. :)

There are some fascinating factors in play here. First, Long Island is an awesome seafood locale. Second, Albarino is among the very best for seafood (as long as its one of the salty, briny, super-linear types). And third, Long Island's best Sauv Blancs (for my taste) have some of that ocean air quality. I'm very curious to see where this goes.

I was excited to see "Albarino" and "Long Island" in the same sentence. I'm a huge fan of the variety and feel it has tons of potential, especially as more and more winemakers begin to experiment with different varieties. A handful of Virginia wineries (one off the top of my head is Jenni McCloud of Chrysalis Vineyards) are producing excellent Albarinos along with an up and coming winery in Maryland, Black Ankle. Kudos to Miguel Martin and Palmer Vineyards.

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