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December 11, 2010


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Very nicely done - thanks for sharing this.

Lenn, You would be surprised at how many people will oppose alternative energy like wind. Most people are in favor of it, but no one wants to look at a wind turbine (though I don't understand why). I got to experience that first hand in a packed town hall meeting for our permit.

Duncan: After hearing from David the hoops they had to jump through, I can certainly imagine your situation.

How did the town hall meeting go?

About 100 people attended, most opposed. Supporters were shouted down - it got ugly, and I was sorry my wife and I attended. I came away with the feeing that everyone wanted no changes in the land scape ever. If these folks had een around 100 years ago, I am certain they would have opposed tractors and we would be farming like the Amish. Of course, we can't do that and be competitive. New technologies like Alt energy and frost protection are needed. These suburban transplants moved to the country for the quiet and the wonderful scenery. They need to understand that farms are businesses that utilize the land. To do that and be competitive nationally, farms need energy, facilities and machinery. All of this changes the landscape.

We support your effort and will help in any way that we can. The NYS Ag and Mkts commission has established guidelines that do not allow communities to be overly restrictive when they regulate land use on farm operations. You should contact counsel at Ag and Mkts and file a formal complaint.

Robin and I appreciate your support very much. We should be filing with counsel and ag/mkts this week.

Just curious, Lenn, what "hoops" did Dave have to jump through to install a turbine. The lalowed him to install without ZBA relief. A goo example is all of the turbines being installed throughout the Town without the need for ZBA approval. He just wanted it in a specific spot. The process worked in that he was granted relief quickly after the hearing. Did you ever get around to fact-checking that story? Regards, Scott Russell

sorry didn't proof-read. Post should read "the law allowed". I do not want your readers to get the false impression that we don't embrace wind energy here in Southold. Good examples are the turbines we see going up such as the one recently installed at McCall Vineyards, to name just one. Scott

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