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December 07, 2010


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Nicely done as always guys. Have to disagree with David, while I am a huge fan of Smuttynose, I have been disapointed with their Pumpkin.

Lenn, the girlfriend and I are going to see the tree on Saturday so I might try Bill's based on your advice.


Evan- awesome you drank a pibarnon. You are right about it needing time. I was fortunate enough to visit the winery in 2006 and we got to taste vintage back to the late 80s and early 90s. They really start to show their stuff with 10 years or more bottle age.

Mark - I don't have enough experience with Bandol to choose specific producers confidently from a store shelf (and often selections are rather limited). I'd love to hear your take on which Bandol producers you favor or have been affiliated with.

Isn't it nuts that these wines are professionally reviewed so young? Your visit with the winery sounds positively inspiring. I hope you snuck a couple of older bottles back home in your duffle bag.

Evan- I know what you mean. It's nice when reviewers come back to a wine as they progress over time and reevaluate them. What does stink about that is the reviewers are usually reevaluating more popular wines like Bordeaux and forget about the little regions.

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