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January 19, 2011


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This time I went with the Twitter name.. just to make it confusing.

If, after our last batch of comments, I wasn't pushed to try this beer I will clearly need to do so now. I've also pushed a trappist ale into my homebrew schedule and it's always nice to pull inspiration. It will be my first true belgian beer.. which means anything can happen.

I look forward to trying it and it's nice to see some belgian love!

Julia, do you know where I can get this beer locally in the FLX? Or am I doing a road trip to Southampton this summer?

Kitty, I wish this beer was more widely distributed, but like most great craft brews, its sense of locality is part of its mystique. In other words: you're doing a road trip to LI this summer, and I'm coming with you :)

Congrats Southampton. I also really enjoy their saison, Julia. Just had it recently and it was outstanding. Another spot on example of that style.

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